Help For Leb

Who we are

Help Lebanon HelpForLeb

Nadine Farah

Creative Director/Communication
Strategist, Offline & Online Planning,
who brings experience in branding,
advertising and marketing for
businesses and NGOs.

Help Lebanon HelpForLeb

Diana Soussa

Public Relations Manager, who has
experience in art direction, event
management and trends

What we do

With support from USAid, PACE and Nabad Incubator, HelpForLeb project was selected to create the first Lebanese crowd-funding platform to channel financial donations from the vast Lebanese diasporas and Lebanese locals to social, environmental, and humanitarian causes and NGOs in Lebanon. There are an estimated 20 million Lebanese living across the globe (ref-Wikipedia) —about five times the size of the population in Lebanon. Many Lebanese expatriates remain connected to their families and native villages. The online hub will channel their love for their country into active support for a cause or organization, thus enabling them to contribute to solving some of the country’s causes.

Set of criterias for featuring causes

HelpForLeb uses a set of criteria for featuring causes on its
– The cause must 100%Lebanese
– The cause must be social, environmental or humanitarian,
serving an individual, a community, or village
– A cause must be non-partisan, non-confessional and non-sectarian
– It must be financially and technically feasible to implement the
proposed activity within a year
– It must be feasible for the HelpForLeb team to assess and track
the proposed activity

The HelpForLeb team will conduct research, field visits and
interviews to verify the accuracy and transparency of the causes
information. Once approved, the cause will be published and
fundraising will begin. Once funded, HelpForleb team will notice all
the donors of the great achievement they have contributed to, by
sending them emails updating them about the cause they chose
to support.

Help Lebanon HelpForLeb