Help For Leb

A heart warming celebration for Lyna & Georges

by Lyna Comaty Abou Adal

HelpForLeb team with Dr. Victor Jebara
“A piece of cake!”, like our team of guides and porters referred to it.
Oh no, it was tenuous, challenging, one of the most difficult experiences of our lives. But also one of the most rewarding and satisfactory. And eye-opening on many levels. Kilimanjaro is the peak of Africa, but also the highest free-standing mountain on earth, it’s surface is 1000 km2. During the climb, we went through 5 climate zones, from tropical rainforest at 30degrees to summit zone at -20degrees. We also learnt a few local songs, got to admire the porters’ strength, and to appreciate our own limitations (they were walking up hill with 30k on their head while we were so tired with barely 4k on our back). We drank 4L of water per day and walked at a pace of 0.5Km/hour! (to make up for the decrease in oxygen levels in altitude). We slept with the most beautiful sunsets, and summited on February 4th with a full moon guiding our steps. The hike up to the summit took us from 11pm to 7am. The hike down back to “the real world” was not as easy as we thought (poor knees)!

Check HelpForLeb team interview with
Dr. Victor Jebara . Heartbeat Vice-President . Professor of surgery . Chairman of the Department Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery . Hotel Dieu de France, Université Saint Joseph Beirut, Lebanon

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