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support Lebanon is an online hub for social, environmental and humanitarian causes across Lebanon that benefits individuals, communities, villages and charities. Our mission is to raise awareness on shared challenges and collect funds through donations to solve these challenges and support joint causes. These donations are collected from Lebanese within Lebanon and across the globe to help foster a spirit of personal engagement.

Through website, a passive Lebanese citizen/friend will become an active Lebanese citizen/supporter. That’s our main objective. Turning “passive citizen and supporter” into “active supporter” is a first step for positive change that we are seeking for Lebanon.

The main products are social, environmental and humanitarian Lebanese causes, being on an individual level, a community /village level, and an association/charity level. Through our secure and trusted online platform we will provide the service of fundraising for the causes posted online. It also gives a chance to users to donate to Lebanese associations/charities of their choice.

Our main target is a Lebanese local and especially a Lebanese living abroad.
The beneficiaries from this online platform are behind the published causes:
– Lebanese people in need (individual level)
– Lebanese community or village in need
– Lebanese associations/charities
– Lebanese in crisis (after a catastrophic strike) provides them with:
1- a public awareness exposure and visibility through different online networks reaching the eyes and hearts of Lebanese people locally and globally (and reaching none Lebanese two).
2- a funded financial support/donation to achieve the goal behind their causes.

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