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Kunhadi & Help For Leb Campaign Touches Beirut City Center’s Heart

Back in December 2015, Kunhadi and Help For Leb launched a crowdfunding campaign to provide road traffic victim Mazen Abi Chahla with an electric wheel chair.
Mazen was involved in a terrible car crash 10 years ago and was left paralyzed and bed-bound.
The electric wheel chair would help him move relatively independently.

Many supporters rushed to donate online and thanks to them this campaign caught the attention of Beirut City Center who decided to join in and offer Mazen a wheel chair, in addition to inviting him to spend a day at the mall to watch a movie, shop and dine.

The private sector contributions such as this wonderful initiative by Beirut City Center, are greatly needed in Lebanon where the civil society works hard to improve the quality of life of the Lebanese community.

Donations collected since December will be given to Mazen and his mother, to support them with their daily expenses.

 Many supporters rushed to donate online, thanks to them and to HelpForLeb this campaign encouraged Beirut City Center to join in offer Mazen a wheel chair. donate online Lebanon

Follow Mazen’s story here 

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About HelpForLeb:

2014, with support from USAid, PACE and Nabad Incubator, HelpForLeb project was selected to create the first Lebanese crowd-funding platform to channel financial donations from the vast Lebanese diasporas and Lebanese locals to social, environmental, and humanitarian causes and NGOs in Lebanon. There are an estimated 20 million Lebanese living across the globe (ref-Wikipedia) —about five times the size of the population in Lebanon. Many Lebanese expatriates remain connected to their families and native villages. The online hub will channel their love for their country into active support for a cause or organization, thus enabling them to contribute to solving some of the country’s causes.


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