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Amour et Partage’s vision is “Solidarity beyond limits”.

Our mission is to cater for the needs of the most deprived elderly people in Lebanon.

Our main accomplishment so far is that we have been able to put a smile back on the elderlies’ faces who have integrated our family.

In fact, since 2003, we have reached the number of 140 old people for whom we have been or are still providing care, by the means of a decent shelter, food, medical care and decent burial when any of them was to pass away (around 50 people till now).

Amour et Partage has acquired its main head home in Mansourieh which operates both as a residential and nursing home with a medical care section use. It is also renting a second house in Bickfaya and providing care for another 100 people who live outside of the Houses.

All the assistance is given Free of Charge.

Our NGO also plan to merge the two current Houses in one.

We need your help to carry on defending this noble cause


MOIM #54

Location: Centers in Mansourieh

Contact details:

+961 4 400 952

+961 3 473368

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    Tina Bourade