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EDGE for Lebanon is a non-profit organization with a mission to advance grass rooted, sustainable social development in targeted local communities, educational and governmental institutions through three lines of intervention: Awareness Campaigns, Capacity Building Activities and Project Implementation.

The targeted audience will acquire self-sustained skills and means for need-tailored projects on the social local development level.



I Represent: A project that addressed the complexity of the Public Administration system, and the ineffective long processes and energy consuming accountability systems in reporting corruption. As such, a website was created to enable users to understand the system they are dealing with establishing easy access and reporting mechanisms.

Municipality Internship Program: A project that aims at cultivating independent young political leaders at the municipal and national levels, by increasing access for at-risk youth populations to educational and community engagement programs.

At EDGE for Lebanon we believe in the sustainable development of Lebanon’s local communities. People need new and effective tools to address the huge challenges they are facing. Therefore, our work is based on transformational change. We manage the money entrusted to us in the most professional way and are held accountable to both our donors and the communities we are serving. At EDGE for Lebanon we deliver timely and efficient results.

MOIM #598

Location: Metn, Lebanon

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+961 70 718596



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