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This December, when you buy the “Carol of the Bells” music from edmond redd, you will be helping himaya’s fight against child abuse. Choose the amount you want to pay and we will donate it to himaya’s cause. Any contribution will make a change at himaya’s resilience center where 30 kids, victims of severe child abuse, are entirely taken in charge. Don’t forget to check out other christmas songs and more music on

Have a holly jolly Christmas and a happy new year!


NB: After checking out you will received the song within 24h


About himaya

himaya is a Lebanese Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to making child protection a right across Lebanon. himaya aims to break the silence by offering children the life skills they need to defend themselves, and supporting survivors of abuse by providing the psychosocial services they need to overcome their experiences. In order to be as effective as possible, himaya works with children, their families, and surroundings as a whole. It strives to make a change on a national level with the help of its two main programs: the Prevention and Resilience programs.

Child abuse is a critical issue that has long been neglected in Lebanon. A study conducted in 2008, showed that1 out of 6 children in Lebanon is a victim of sexual abuse. This refers to only 1 out of 4 types of abuse a child can be exposed to: physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.



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