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After experiencing life with his father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis since 2008, Martin Mogharbel , a Lebanese awarded sportsman, decided to do something to help other families living with dementia and help spread awareness on the hardships of living with a person with Alzheimer’s.  Since then we has been participating in many local challenges to raise awareness and funds to the Disease.

With 30 000 Alzheimer’s cases in Lebanon, a lot of work still needs to be done. The main objective of the association is to help maintain a good quality of life for Alzheimer’s patients and their families within their homes. One of the new services to be launched in 2016 is “Alzheimer’s Disease Home Nursing Service”.

Today, upon turning 40 in December, Martin saw as opportunity in the IRON MAN challenge taking place in Bahrain on December 5 as a way to up his challenge and help other patients in need. Martin signed up for half the IRON Man, which is 112 KM timed challenge.

The challenge is big but the cause is very close to home. Martin is once again fundraising while exercising and pushing his limits to the extreme.

The proceeds of this challenge will go to setting up a home nursing service for 112 patients living with Dementia.

Our Avid supporter, #AlzIRON, Martin Mougharbil is exercising for this cause and pledging to help ONE patient for every KM he can complete.

Martin’s challenge is 112 KM, which would help us, aid 112 families.

This service will serve up to 28 patients per month.AAL highly trained nurses will be conducting house visits to asses, help and train families in managing the disease. The projected number of beneficiaries is 182 per year.

To be able to cater to all of these patients, AAL needs to fundraise 38 000 USD to kick start the service and assist families living with Dementia.

Every 300 USD helps a patient for a year.

Every 25 USD helps a patient for a month.



Alzheimer’s Association Lebanon was established in 2003 as a national non-governmental not-for-profit organization that aims to improve the living standards of individuals with dementia and their carers.

Studies show there are about upon which AAL has set its two-fold vision:

1 – Reaching out to more families to help provide a better quality of life to patients and their carers.

2 – Help in building a professional infrastructure for the support and care through insuring better knowledge about the disease and breaking the taboo around it.

AAL’s Objectives:

  1. Raise Awareness on Alzheimer’s disease and its management
  2. Respect the rights of Alzheimer’s patients
  3. Highlight the important role of family caregivers in alleviating the disease
  4. Provide ways to reach the best social and health care
  5. Support the patient throughout his Alzheimer’s journey
  6. Enhance public health standards for Alzheimer’s patients to avoid complications



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4 Responses

  1.' zoulfikar nasser says:

    please my mom now about this and wish to help my dad he is a alzheimer patient from about 8 years ago , and mom take care of him at our home please we need help if you can our number are 01/669011 beirut-ras elnabeh and cellphone is 03/114892 best regards wish all the best for our lebanese hero martin mougharbel , we proud of you

  2.' akram says:

    hi i have an alzheimer patient can i know wat u have or how u can help