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“Baitna” home in Fanar needs an elevator to be used by aging mentally challenged persons residing permanently in it.

6 aging mentally challenged persons are living now in Baitna’s home and it’s hard for them to use the stairs while commuting between the workshop on the ground floor and their rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor.

Installing an elevator will solve many problems:

- prevent medical complications or injuries

- facilitate and fasten the volunteers’ daily work

- open an easier access to additional floors of the building to ensure a home to more mentally challenged persons

- ensure a safe and easy accessible elevator for residents and volunteers



Baïtna is a Private Voluntary Organization registered in Lebanon under number 366/AD dated 27 July 2006.

Its aim is to provide across the country homes for impoverished mentally challenged persons, particularly abandoned orphans irrespective of education, family background or religion, with the objective of welcoming them for free in a family atmosphere. It started by a group of volunteers who are counseling persons with a developmental disability. Based on their experience, especially with those having aging parents, the founders felt there was a need to take care of them in a dedicated home, creating a real living community.

Parents of mentally challenged persons would often ask: “What will happen to our child after us?” Some might have the means to leave behind a fund to take care of their child, but most do not. This is where Baïtna can contribute to society by assuring a decent life for these persons.

In Baïtna, mentally challenged persons are taken care of by committed support workers who share with them life and daytime activities (household responsibilities, productive work in the workshop, etc…) in homes having family-like settings that are integrated into local neighborhoods.


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Beitna – بيتنا

Registration number: 366/أد

Location: Father Afif Osseiran Street, Baitna Bldg., Fanar, Lebanon


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    Help Baitna become a better "home"

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    Help Baitna become a better "home"

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    Help Baitna become a better "home"

  • 1 Backer

    Help Baitna become a better "home"

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    Help Baitna become a better "home"

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