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Haida Baytak

Help us raise 3,o00 USD by October for Hayda Baytak and we’ll shave Garo’s beard!

A long time ago in a Galaxy just across the Dora bridge, Garo, a young jeweler of exceptional talent, smart whit and a jaw structure of a Greek god, decided that a beard sounded like a pretty good idea. He struggled at first, tirelessly scratching at that itchy stubble, trimming, oiling and grooming as it started to take shape and finally cultivating a love that Romeo himself never knew for hisĀ beloved Juliet.

At any moment our star crossed lover could be seen stroking, caressing sometimes even serenading his new companion. He would spend hours trying new facial expressions, the inquisitive philosopher, the angry biker, the gleeful ship captain. So attached was he that it did not bother him the slightest that his face was visible to us no more.

Alas, all would change when our hero visited Hayda Baytak. So struck was he by the incredible initiative of this NGO that works to guarantee an education for the underprivileged and down trodden that he declared loudly and openly: “Here me now! If I can raise 3,000 USD for this noble cause I shall shave and part with that thing I love the most.”

The brethren of the land, hearing his cry said “Nay, you shall not shave you. We shall shave you.” And Garo, being slightly intoxicated at the time said… “yes.”

The amount raised will go to pay the tuition fees of students who have lost either or both parents.




Hayda Baytak is an NGO that provides scholarship HelpForLeb


Hayda Baytak is an NGO that provides scholarship assistance to students who have lost either or both parents. The NGO seeks to extend support to students who have suffered immeasurable loss, in the hope of providing them with a brighter future.


  • Assist students who have lost either or both parents, and who have no other means of paying their tuition fees, by providing these fees for them OR the funds for other scholarly fees.
    N.B. The services we provide solely cover the funds for the services, and NOT the services themselves.
    However, we can assist in looking for the right provider for each service, if needed.
  • Raise awareness about the various cases that are present in Lebanon and the methods of helping/contributing.
  • Help, on the long run, these students in decisions related to their educational path, of course with the aid of volunteers specialized in the field.

Thanks to our many fundraisers, donors and sponsors, we have been able to:

Pay scholarly fees:
– 7 students, 2015
– 13 students, 2016

Finance various charity projects:
-St. Charbel Orphanage, Daroun: 250 Students (Backpacks, Stationery, Animation, Snacks), 2015
-Christmas at St. Vincent de Paul, Bourj Hammoud : 80 students (Snacks, Ceramics), 2015
-Orphanage of the Lebanese Child, Zaraya: 40 Students (Backpacks and Food Provisions), 2016
-Mission De Vie, Antelias: 40 Students (Backpacks, Stationery, Animation, Snacks), 2016
-St. Semaan Orphanage, Baskinta: 60 students (Animation, Snacks), 2016
Christmas Initiative with Grand Cinemas: 40 Students (Lunch, Movie Screening, Educational Gifts), 2016


Hayda Baytak NGO

Registration number: 1342 (on 26/06/15)

Location: Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon

Contact details: 81-643 042


Hayda Baytak is an NGO that provides scholarship HelpForLebĀ 

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