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Ms Norma Haidamous is a single 45 year Lebanese woman from Mousaitbeh, who works as a crochet artisan. Donations are needed to help Norma and her mother get their medical tests done to make sure they still need the same treatments

She lives with her sick mother, and she takes care of the house expenses. Norma has diabetes, hypertension, a heart condition, and a liver problem. Due to that, she has lost 90% of her sight. Norma has had an operation to replace the lenses in her eyes, and she needs to change it every 3 years. She sells her handcrafts to nearly cover the costs of her mother’s medications and some of hers. However, they both haven’t had any tests to assess their diseases for the past 2 years. Additionally her mother is in need of a hearing aid.

HelpForLeb Team met the doctors at the clinics and a list of Norma 12 different medicine was discussed and evaluated..

Any additional funds will help Norma and her Mother buy her medicines.

The “Association of Civic Responsibility” formerly the “Association of Beit Mery for Social Wellfare.” was founded in 2007. The Association is comprised of 22 ladies from Beit Mery and the neighborhood. The ladies actively work towards the principles and values ​​of citizenship and coexistence alongside with local development and social commitments.

On the humanitarian level, the Association contributes to the needs of some of the institutions in several areas of Lebanon. The members also provide support to a number of families and individuals to lessen the burden of school fees and medication and at times, even surgery when not covered by the Ministry of Health.

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