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On the 2nd of February Rami will be running in the Zighy 30k Wadi Bih trail run, a solo race which traverses up and down the steep mountain road to Zighy Bay.

The run is in the beautiful mountain surroundings of Oman and starts at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Dibba, Oman and is on asphalt road, then gravel track to CP4 and will turn right & climb the steep access road to the col and then descend to Zighy bay to CP Z turn point for a distance of approximately 15 km & then returns to the start – total distance approximately 30km.

It will be Rami’s first ever trail running competition and the first time he’ll attempt at challenge in a dry desert environment. He is running to raise 2750 USD for BZ KIDZ an NGO that feeds and educated over 140 children from Lebanon’s poorest neighborhoods.

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BZ KIDZ is a non-profit youth organization that provides after school programs for Lebanese kids whose families can not afford their academic success.

We keep kids off the streets by giving them a sense of belonging. We help kids with homework, study for exams and engage them in fun learning activities. BZ KIDZ is dedicated to inspiring and enabling all young people to realize their full potential as caring, responsible and successful individuals; through fun learning experiences in a safe and supervised environment. BZ KIDZ strives to achieve excellence as a youth service organization by encompassing a sense of hope; valuing every member and letting them know they belong, they matter, and they can make a difference.



Lebanese Non-profitable civil Organisation

Civil Licence # 676

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