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Women to Women Success
Sin El fil

Women to Women Success works to empower women at their homes, by training them on healthy food and promoting their food to working mothers.

Rosa would like your support to invest in her kitchen to be able to excel in her cooking skills and produce more homemade food. With your help, she will improve her livelihood and family of 4.

Rosa needs to have a few advanced kitchen equipment, required for better and bigger food production. She is one of Women to Women Success stars and her cooking is requested by mothers and she also caters events with the w2w teams in the Metn area.

We look for your help to support her on secure funding’s to be able to get her these equipments.

The needed equipment to be purchased are the below:

  • COMBI OVEN FOR 6 TRAY GAS: to be able to cater clients faster
  • DOUGH MACHINE: to start her of frozen food recipes
  • VACCUM MACHINE: to be able to keep the freshness of  Daily cooked meals and ensure a safe delivery
  • ARGO HOMMOS MACHINE: to be able to produce   8L of yummy hommos more quickly

The funding can be divided into 4 (separate funds for each equipment, or one total fund for all the required equipment).









About The NGO


Women to Women Success is a social initiative launched in 2012 
that aims to improve the livelihood of unemployed and employed Lebanese women by creating home-based cooking services for a variety of clients, mainly working mothers.

We target stay at home moms, develop their cooking skills, provide them with distinctive food safety training and connect them with potential clients. We hope to empower women by creating sustainable sources of income, promoting their cooking expertise, enhancing their interpersonal skills, and linking them to busy working mothers.

Our Mission

  • Improve the livelihood of families, by creating job opportunities for unemployed women
  • Train and empower unemployed women who are skilled cooks
  • Help working women by providing their families with healthy meals

Our Vision

  • Improve the life conditions of both unemployed and working women


We need funds to sustain our projects and make a bigger impact in our community by helping more women who need to be active and productive in the society.

NGO Name: Solidarity for Sustainability

Location: Sin El Fil – Lebanon

Contact details:

76-531 889


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