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Social Society Medical Center
Tripoli, Lebanon

Social Services Medical Center in Tripoli provides care and ensure the well-being of the elderly, mentally ill, and physically challenged people.

With humble means of funds, the center supports more than 300 people. The center needs rehabilitation and especially a safe and secure elevator for elderly and people with limited mobility. Today the shaft is too small to fit the wheelchairs and hospital beds.

The funds will help us get a new elevator to facilitate patients transfer between floors. Your SUPPORT will be greatly appreciated and the completion of this project will bring safety and security to our residents.

Help Lebanon Support Lebanese people in need

Today’s elevator is too small and not practical or wide enough for wheelchairs user




The mission of the organization is to provide care and ensure the well-being of the elderly, mentally ill, and physically handicapped. The patients are treated with proper care by a team of social and medical supervisors. There is a necessity in our society to reduce the burden of an aging population without proper care. It is important to ensure the availability of health and social services for the elderly and promote their continuous participation in a productive lifestyle.

The vision of this association is to provide a balance of care between the community and institutional services; both for humanitarian and economic reasons. The effort will continue with support throughout the community that will further aid the success of our mission.

Location: Lebanon, Tripoli, Abo Samra, El-Ojaza Street.
Registration Number: 171438 / 604

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