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1 in 7 children in Lebanon are victims of sexual abuse. himaya supports these kids by providing them with a safe and nurturing environment to help them grow out of their traumatic experiences. 30 kids are now on full board at the himaya center, each getting medical and psychological support in addition to legal assistance, schooling, food and a safe shelter. We asked them what they want for Christmas:

 Husni’s parents went missing because of conflicts in his town and he found himself alone and working on the streets. His wish is to become an actor and inspire people with his roles. He’s always been in awe of people interpreting different characters in different lives, all he wants is to take acting lessons.


About himaya

In Lebanon, according to the study carried out by kafa in partnership with the ministry of social affairs, more than: 885’000 children are victims of psychological abuse, of which, 738’000 are also victims of physical abuse and 219’000 victims of sexual abuse In light of this alarming situation, himaya was established with the mission of promoting a comprehensive approach for the protection of the innocence in danger.

himaya’s vision is making child protection a right, everywhere.himaya’s mission is to promote a culture of child protection suitable for the development of the child.


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After having been subjected to different types of abuse, the children of the Resilience Center were sheltered away from the source of danger in their lives.

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