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We would like to contribute to the surgery of one child with heart disease by matching the amount raised with the meters climbed. 

HELP us raise 5895$ and more for Heartbeat while we climb 5895m!

Around 600 children are born with heart disease in Lebanon every year. Since 2005, Heartbeat has funded the treatment of more than 1,700 children, 60% of whom were less than three years old.

 The average treatment cost of each child is $5,895 USD.

 Lyna has never climbed more than a hundred meters in her whole life, and Georges, well, Georges has the Lebanese belly, some experience with volcanoes, and prides himself as having run half the mini-marathon (he walked the rest of it, so he’ll claim he finished it).

 If WE can climb 5,895 meters and YOU help us raise 1$ for every meter climbed, we -together- will contribute to the surgery of one child with a heart condition and allow him/her to also one day climb a mountain (if he/she wishes to of course!)

If we raise more than 5895$ (and we surely hope to), the exceeding amount will be used to cover the treatment costs of a second child, and then hopefully a third one!



About Heartbeat:

1% of children are born with a heart condition. This translates to 600 children that are born every year with heart disease in Lebanon, out of which 400 will require some form of intervention during their life. Medical expenses are a heavy burden on families preventing them from providing treatment for their children.

Heartbeat’s mission is to provide the highest level of advanced surgical technology and expertise available to treat children with heart disease at no cost.

The NGO’s members include specialized surgeons and doctors, who provide their services to these children at the Hotel-Dieu de France Hospital.

Heartbeat has the particularity of blending musical talent with medical expertise to achieve its mission: the medical doctors and students, and their friends, organize a concert every year to raise the funds used to treat the children


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