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Johnny L. Karam, who now lives between Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, and Chawki L. Karam, who currently resides in the UK, are brothers who have been living abroad for a combined total of almost 40 years – Both starting their journey in the UK. They are constantly thinking of ways to supporting the local community – something which they learnt through being raised by their parents.

Sadly and shockingly, in April 2009, they lost their dear father Louis A. Karam at the age of 62. Their father was a unique person across all perspectives; he was admired for his kindness, generosity, support, and many other aspects.

Johnny and Chawki will be cycling together from London to Paris on September 9th-13th, 2015. This covers around 500km of cycling – and note that neither Johnny nor Chawki are pros in cycling. However, this is what really makes the challenge exciting and rewarding, and they both believe that they can make it through practice and your support.
In addition to supporting them through motivating them in making it happen, your support is needed in raising a combined total of US$50,000 to five charities: (1) Association du Foyer de l’Enfant Libanais (AFEL Liban), (2) Ahlouna Association, (3) Chain of Hope, (4) Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), (5) Heartbeat. By guaranteeing at least US$10,000 for each charity, all funds exceeding their target will be distributed evenly. Your donation, and reaching this fair target, will be greatly appreciated across all charities.
Johnny and Chawki are also thrilled to be sponsored by the following companies for this initiative:
Faqra club          

CGI        faqra catering           gefinor rotana

Each of these companies has been immensely supportive in ensuring that both Johnny and Chawki will be well-equipped and ready for this challenge.

As they are supporting five charities whereby each is addressing a different mission, the US$10,000 that is to be raised for each charity will be used differently. Below are details on how each charity plans to make use of your generous donations (considering US$10,000 is raised for each):

Association du Foyer de l’Enfant Libanais (AFEL Liban): With US$10,000, the amount will be used to enhance AFEL Liban current socio-educational services that they provide to children from families with social problems (such as drugs, alcoholism and child abuse). This will be through the mediums of purchasing relevant books and educating the children through access to more teachers and related activities.

Ahlouna Association: From the US$10,000 to be raised, US$5,000 will be used towards the charity’s healthcare project for underprivileged individuals and families. The remaining US$5,000 will be used towards the food supply units for underprivileged families that the charity supports.

Chain of Hope: Around US$7,500 will be used to sponsor an individual child that requires a life-saving surgery related to heart disease; the remaining US$2,500 will be used to provide around three children with flights to receive treatment.

Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL): The US$10,000 to be raised will contribute to the yearly cost of treatment for one child. The average yearly cost per child ranges from US$40,000 up to US$200,000, in certain cases. The duration of the treatment varies between 3-5 years.

Heartbeat: With an amount of US$10,000, this covers the operation and treatments needed in saving two children born with heart diseases.

As US$10,000 is the minimum Johnny and Chawki aim to raise for each charity, they hope to exceed the target! This will certainly help in making a difference to those kids and/or underprivileged families. Any amounts exceeding the minimum target for each charity will be distributed evenly across all five. All the above commitments by each charity will be implemented within one year of the last day of donations, considering the minimum US$10,000 target is reached for each.

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