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This Christmas, with your support, Nadine & Diana, Co-founders of, would like to support needy children in Lebanon.
We will pick up and fill 20 boxes from the Smile in a Box initiative to help needy kids celebrate Christmas with a smile.

We have 20 days to fill 20 boxes.

We will carefully pick all the items to fill the boxes with educational,  fun toys and sweet treats.

To make this possible, we will be needing your generous support.

How it works:

Your Donation will help Diana & Nadine collect boxes and fill them with small gifts.

We will then deliver them to Smile In A Box drop off locations, on December 12th.

Smile In A Box team will distribute them to boys and girls, ages 3-12, all around Lebanon.


Check what the box looks like:

Smile in a abox






Additional Funds will help us secure more boxes and spread more smiles :)



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