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Lebanon has been suffering from the garbage crisis for more than 8 months now. Public health is at risk, and diseases are already spreading amongst our kids. Any sustainable solution to this problem, whether governmental or private, will have to start with proper garbage sorting.

Our aim is to demonstrate that sorting your garbage is as easy as playing a game. We want to create reflexes in people’s minds, which they will be able to apply in their homes, locally and internationally.

We are also encouraging recycling and up-cycling brands in Lebanon by offering their products as rewards for the players who perform well in the game.

The prizes we’re offering come from Lebanese communities. Whether underprivileged individuals or creative artists, these communities have already started making a change, and we’re hoping to boost their business by exposing their brands to the public. Show your support, and let’s get this crisis Sorted!



First Milestone: 11,000 USD. Reaching this amount will allow us to cover the ever-increasing game development expenses.

Second Milestone: 15,000 USD. Most of this amount will go towards buying a selection of recycled and up-cycled products.

Third Milestone: 7,000 USD. This will cover the maintenance of the app achieve sustainability of the system and prepare for the coming releases of the next recycling game phases.

The funds will be split between the third party development fees (Coding, graphics and animation, copy-writing, music and sound effects, debugging, tweaking, updating software, research), and the purchase of prizes from the recycled and up-cycled brands in Lebanon. Naturally, keeping the gifts catalog continuously populated means the biggest part of the funds will go there, until the game becomes sustainable in the future.


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About us

Both are creatively flammable, driven by a deep desire for change and an unquenchable thirst to make good work. Whether it’s advertising, 3D animation, character development and 3D Projection Mapping on buildings/visual experience in Hani’s case, or creative direction, working on film, print, online experience, app development, and new media in Pierre’s case.

Between them both are more than 20 years of creative experience in multidisciplinary fields and they have finally managed to combine their passion for their country through fun and effective design.


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In good times and hard times, we all need a little push to make our world move forward. Little Push offers creative modern tools of communication creating projects and initiatives that would fill the voids to achieve a specific social cause.

To spread public awareness and to turn a passive citizen into an active supporter are the main two pillars of Little Push mission in every work it leads. Little Push’s vision is to connect people, associations, and companies to each other, creating a form of unity towards one goal: to support an individual, a society or a village while elaborating hubs of social, environmental and humanitarian driven actions.

This vision is the core engine that speeds the reach of Little Push’s achievements. In a shared informational era, constant connection to the entire planet is a need to reach not only who is within our borderline, but also who lives around the globe.

We believe that technology should not only connect people, but also put them together for a positive impact, and a better tomorrow. We all need a little push to make our world move forward.


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