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Himaya’s mission is to promote a global protection of innocence in danger in Lebanon. Despite its prevalence, the issue of child abuse in the Arab world has scarcely been addressed.

This marks Himaya’s birth with the launching of a controversial media campaign aimed to break the taboo surrounding child sexual abuse especially incest and risky environments.
The organisation continued to grow as it responded to child protection needs on a national level.

Himaya’s team grew exponentially from one social worker in 2008 to a multidisciplinary team and is now present on most of the Lebanese territory.
In order to ensure the achievement of its mission, Himaya works with not only the child but with his family and environment as a whole.

Himaya implements the innovative concept of resilience, which essentially means the rebuilding of one’s life following a traumatic experience. Depending on the severity of the case and the environment the child resides in, victims of abuse are either followed up externally or internally at our resilience centre in Damour.
It’s the first centre in Lebanon which provides to both, boys and girls aged 12 to 18 individual life plan.

Himaya has become a reference for child protection in Lebanon. Nevertheless, with the continuously growing needs within a society resistant to change, our work remains a daily challenge.


MOIM 748/2009

Location: Mansourieh Gate Centre, Mkalles, Lebanon

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+961 71 802 882


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    Nabil Abi Abdallah