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Jeunesse Contre la Drogue (youth for drug enforcement) is a non-profit non-governmental organization founded in Lebanon in February 4, 1994. It aims at fighting addiction by spreading awareness, providing training to social activists, providing counseling to addicts and their parents without discrimination, rehabilitating the addicted youth in the inpatient or outpatient centers of the organization free of charges, in addition to following-up the recovered addicts so as to facilitate their reintegration in the society.

JCD has grown from a 22 beneficiaries accommodation capacity in its first center in Haret Sakher in 2000, to a 90 additional beneficiaries accommodation capacity in its two new centers located in Ftouh Keserwan (rehabilitation center with a 50 patients capacity) and Chiah – Beirut (Outpatient & follow-up center with a 40 patients capacity); thus enlarging the scope of its services in 2010 with the launching of its 2 new centers. JCD is struggling today to ensure the necessary funds to keep operating and offering its free of charges services to help the Lebanese addicted youth recover, knowing that the monthly treatment costs of every beneficiary range between 1,200 & 1,400 USD.


MOIM 1670 AD/75

Location: Jounieh – Haret Sakher

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+961 9 638 141

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