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When 18-year-old Hady Gebrane died in a car crash in April 2006, his family and friends were bereft. Determined to prevent road crashes from claiming the lives of other Lebanese youth, they decided to found an organization dedicated to promoting youth awareness on road safety. And so, in October 2006, KUNHADI was established.

“kun” in Arabic means “be” and  “hadi” means “calm” meaning “be calm” and at the same time holding his name.

KUNHADI is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives. We work on improving Road Safety in Lebanon, and changing the behavior of Lebanese drivers. We rely on donations from various stakeholders to achieve our mission. With increased financial support, we can launch new awareness projects that have a direct and meaningful impact on everyone’s safety on our roads.

We are dedicated to seeking and providing all possible resources for the promotion of road safety awareness among youth, in accordance with quality management systems and proceedings.

We strive to be the pioneer in youth awareness on road safety in Lebanon and the region.

Our mission is to foster a culture of safe driving habits and practices among Lebanese youth.

MOIM #495

Location: Hazmieh, Lebanon

Contact details:

+961 71 264415, +961 5 959412


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