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Mommy Made is the first nonprofit catering line that recruits, trains and employs mothers with social and financial challenges turning them into self-sufficient persons and empowers them to provide better lives for their families. The plan of Mommy Made is to collaborate with several NGOs and Social enterprises that will build fully-equipped kitchens, hire unprivileged mothers, expand the Mommy Made franchise and produce “Mommy Made products” in different regions of Lebanon and later on the Arab world. We already made two versions of this program.

The first version was funded by “Injaz el Arab” where we trained four ladies and employed them.

The second version was funded by “Première Urgence–Aide Médicale Internationale” from the United Nations in May 2013. In this version Mommy Made recruited, trained and found employment for 10 unprivileged mothers. Plus, we were able via this program to integrate their 17 children in schools.

This year we are aiming for a bigger impact from 15 women trained and 10 employed to 50 women trained and employed. With the collaboration of the US embassy and your help our goal could be achieved.


Project Name: Mommy Made.

NGO full name: Shareq NGO

MOIM # 2789142

Location: Jeita roundabout, centre Baroud: first floor, facing Hawadi Restaurant

Contact details: Samer Sfeir 03-228210


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