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Oum el Nour is committed to prevent and treat drug use.

Oum el Nour perceives drug addiction as an extensive problem; therefore the need of a comprehensive service that can cater to all the dimensions of addiction. It is inevitable to mention that addiction affects not only it’s the addict but his/her family members and surroundings.

Oum el Nour is a trend setter as an NGO concerned with drug Rehabilitation. Established 1989, it has dealt with more than 5000 five thousand drug addiction cases.Oum el Nour has always adopted an exceptional quality care to all addicts, through experienced teams of psychologists, psychotherapists social workers and educators trying to apply the latest scientific tools and methods after adapting them to the Lebanese social environment.

Since the beginning, it has cared for all addicts without differenciation between genders; it has then enlarged its activities by:

-Creating a prevention department whose mission is to spread awareness not only among our youth but also in our communities on the dangers of drug using.

-Shouldering the addicts after the end of their treatment, by establishing a follow-up-center.

-Providing more accessible means of treatment through the Outpatient Service for those who are still at an earlier state of drug using.

On the prevention side, Oum el Nour procured awareness sessions to about 10000 students per year, more than 200  teachers, 100 couples of parents, in more than 50 fifty schools or colleges.

Drug abuse is an ever-growing problem in Lebanon and the pattern has been changing towards more dangerous injecting drugs and lower age of onset. Youth are a particularly vulnerable population . Studies have shown an alarming increase in rates of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs use among Lebanese students in the past few years. Despite the lack of any definite numbers, Lebanese officials and Drug treatment centers estimate that around 10,000 individuals in Lebanon suffer from drug addiction.

It is silently affecting every fragment of our society, irrespective of age, sex and socio-economic status. Any body could be hooked inside; victims are our sons, our daughters, our brothers … and many loved ones.

Treating and preventing drug misuse is by all means a daring challenge. After more than two decades of relentless efforts, Oum el Nour , a Lebanese NGO ,continues to take up this challenge. With a history of more than 5000 cases, the organization strives to make a real difference in the lives of the youth, to help them recover a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Changing lives is one of the most difficult tasks one can commit to, and its success depends not only on the dedication of professionals, but on the contribution of every individual in society.


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