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SOILS is a Lebanese non-governmental organization for the teaching, training and sharing of skills and resources related to sustainable and environment-friendly practices. The association is dedicated to applying Permaculture ethics and principles in design systems that work with nature – not against it – to provide food, energy and shelter in both rural and urban communities. We put natural growing and sustainable development strategies into action through demonstrations, direct interventions, workshops and consultancies with a network of enablers in Lebanon, the region and abroad. We aim to cultivate a national network of growers, builders, makers and artists in Lebanon that care about nature-friendly and responsible practices, in view of collaborating with similar associations in the region and beyond.
SOILS aims to help individuals and communities in Lebanon adopt more sustainable practices, by building their capacities and skills, and by demonstrating the benefits of sustainable systems that work in partnership with nature in agriculture and development, based on the permaculture principles.
Since its foundation in January 2014 SOILS has organized many introductory workshops (medicinal herbs, beekeeping, adobe bricks, etc.) and will organize in May 2014 the Permaculture Design Certificate for the first time in Lebanon. In addition to the workshops SOILS is also developing a line of recycled crafts with some women in the village of Saidoun (Jezzine) in order to provide them with some additional income.

MOIM 2414

Location: Saidoun (Jezzine)

Contact details:+961 71 617988


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