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Help Beirut Students with Online-Schooling

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COVID19’s curve is escalating at a very rapid pace again in Lebanon and the long lasting and growing economic crisis, as well as the uncontained political conflicts and unmet health/hospital needs are piling up in Beirut while an assessment of people’s losses, damages and basic needs due to the August 4 explosion is still in course. 

Education seems to be a secondary issue on the list of priorities as we are confronted with the food and shelter crisis, however it is essential to maintain a sense of sustainability to the youth who have been traumatized and are trying hard to stand back on their feet in these extremely difficult circumstances. There is also an urgent need to contribute as much as possible to the reduction of the amount of school dropouts Lebanon will soon be facing this year.

Academic year starts in October and Little Push NGO wants to offer the needed electronic devices along with their respective softwares to encourage and support vulnerable children directly affected by the Beirut explosion so that they can have a safe, sustainable and secure school year.


  • Contribute to ensuring 1200 vulnerable children affected by the explosion have access to education this year and the years to come:
  • Contribute to the reduction of student dropouts in Lebanon due to the socio-economic hardship and explosion damages.
  • Reassert that education is a basic human right regardless of the socio-economic situation, gender, race or religious beliefs of a child.
  • Support families hit by the Beirut explosion with their accumulating expenses;
  • Contribute to slowing the growing curve of illiteracy in Lebanon;
  • Give a chance to every child to learn and grow to become a better person.


An average of 1200 students have been directly affected by the Beirut explosion:

988 students as per the survey results assessment (considering that all of them are eligible); in addition we estimate that 20% additional students will be requesting support following the reactivation of the survey form.

For this we have created 4 milestones for this cause:

Goal #1: $13,000 needed to assure 25 laptops for the most vulnerable students*

Goal #2: $78,000 needed to assure 150 laptops for the most vulnerable students*

Goal #3: $286,000 needed to assure 550 laptops for vulnerable students*

Goal #4: $624,000 needed to assure 1200 laptops for vulnerable students*


*table of priorities for the most needy vulnerable students:




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