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Our campaign aims to recruit and train nurses to run community-based COVID-19 task forces to decentralize coronavirus cases management.



Help Nurses for COVID-19 Crisis Management

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Hospitals are overcrowded with COVID patients, and with restrictions being lifted, the number of daily infections is rising again. It is imperative that we act now, and fast. 

We need to decrease pressure off hospitals, and what better way to do that than by recruiting and training nurses to run decentralized COVID task forces at local communities. Acting on a local level ensures that otherwise marginalized communities will be receiving the right quality of care.

We will be remunerating the nurses for their services to encourage them to stay in Lebanon and help prevent another crisis. 

We are a collective of Lebanese NGOs dedicated to bolstering the resilience of the national healthcare sector in these challenging times:

  1. Baytna Baytak: A housing NGO that manages the logistics and distribution of Oxygen Concentrators
  2. Shaabe Masouleyati: A humanitarian initiative that supports our campaign’s decentralized coordination at the local level.
  3. Khaddit Beirut: A community empowerment NGO that put in place the medical protocol and oversees the nurses’ training.
  4. Chreek: An environmental NGO that supports the campaign’s decentralization coordination at the local level.
  5. Ahla Fawda: A community development NGO that supports the campaign’s decentralization coordination at the local level..
  6. Lebanon Needs: A healthcare NGO that oversees the campaign’s planning and execution.


The objectives if this initiative include:

  • Forming 50 community-based task forces covering all Lebanese regions, with 2 to 3 local nurses in each team.
  • Training the identified nurses according to COVID-19 best practices guidelines developed by Drs and Nurses from AUBMC, Khaddit Beirut, and Lebanon Needs with the support of International Lebanese Medical Association and the Order of Nurses in Lebanon.
  • Providing the nurses with the tools required to do case management follow ups i.e patient log, guidebook…
  • Monitoring process implementation and evaluating outcomes.
  • Facilitating the community-based COVID task forces’ access to medical supplies resources (eg: oxygen concentrators, PPE…) and consultations with MDs 

Training local nurses across Lebanese communities according to best practices will allow: 

1) the decongestion of hospitals thanks to local case management. Patients are well followed up on at home, and they are able to be discharged easily from hospitals. 

2) the training of nurses who will receive Continuing Nursing Education credits that will go towards their education and will be remunerated for their services. This in turn will help bring unemployment rates down.


Our goal is to raise USD150,000 covering 50 community-based task forces for 6 months


  1. USD 30,000: supporting 25 nurses in 10 community-based task forces for 6 months
  2. USD 75,000: supporting 63 nurses in 25 community-based task forces for 6 months
  3. USD 150,000: supporting 125 nurses in 50 community-based task forces for 6 months


MAP of the task forces locations





Lebanon Needs is an apolitical and non-sectarian nonprofit organization founded in 2019 to deliver sustainable healthcare solutions for underprivileged patients and underserved healthcare institutions in Lebanon. We follow a holistic healthcare approach that tackles the social determinants of health in coordination with like-minded partners.

Lebanon Needs’ strategy is to address healthcare needs while promoting the national economy.

Vision: We aim to build a Lebanon where every citizen enjoys optimal health and a dignified life.

Mission: We deliver sustainable and holistic healthcare solutions for underprivileged patients and underserved healthcare institutions in Lebanon.

Lebanon Needs serves over 1,600 patients monthly and has supported 39 healthcare institutions throughout Lebanon since its inception.





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