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Kitchen of hope is currently feeding around 65 people on a daily basis, with their hot meals delivered straight to their door!
Our aim is to keep supporting these people for at least the next six months!!
We need your help to fulfill our mission. Any small contribution can change a life

Beirut, Lebanon

Help Feed 65 Vulnerable People for 6 Months

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On August 4th, as we went about our daily lives in Lebanon, a massive explosion crushed our capital Beirut.

Following the shock and after realizing we were physically safe, we rushed to the streets to help the injured and the homeless.
And so within a couple of days of August the 4th, “Kitchen of Hope” was born, providing daily home-cooked meals to more than 65 devastated families that we came across with our on-the-ground inspection, and counting.
As an independent initiative of 4 women, Jana, Remy, Monica, and Pamela, we are proud to have committed to this task for more than 60 days straight, from raising donations, to providing food for the most deprived and delivering it to them daily.
With every 3$ we receive from you, one person can benefit from a daily meal. This amount includes buying the ingredients, packing the cooked meals, and delivering them hot to the people in need. Our pool of beneficiaries counts 65 persons, and the number is growing.

We are proud to have committed to cooking daily meals, non-stop, since the first week following the disastrous Beirut blast, August 4th 2020. Our current goal is to continue our mission for at least the 6 coming months.

And for that, we require an amount of 25,000$ in order to reach our target.
As dozens of devastated families and vulnerable elders count on us to receive their daily meals, your support and donations are invaluable to keep our initiative alive.



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